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Barrachina Restaurant Old San Juan

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An Old San Juan Restaurant

Among the best restaurant Old San Juan you find Barrachina Restaurant.  This Restaurant Old San Juan  is the best when it comes to offer food in San Juan.

If you looking for a place where you can get the best restaurant treat and hold your wedding events, then Barrachina Restaurant is the perfect place.

You can trust Barrachina Restaurant in Old San Juan to deliver the best culinary experience considering the fact that we have been around for over 50 years, offering the best Spanish food and during the last decade, we have actually specialized in Creative Puerto Rican and International Cuisine.

Meals at Barrachina Restaurant are the most sumptuous Spanish and Puerto Rican delicacies you can ever dream of. The meals and drinks are tailored to meet your taste and quench.


old san juan restaurant

High-Quality Food
In The Best Restaurant
of Old San Juan

There are certain characteristics that distinguish this Old San Juan restaurant such as quality that keeps Barrachina Restaurant‘s tables filled with satisfied customers.

restaurant old san juan

Old San Juan Restaurant
Ovеrаll Exреriеnсе

When it comes to provide an outstanding сuѕtоmеr ѕеrviсе,
nо оnе bеаtѕ Barrасhinа Rеѕtаurаnt in Old San Juаn.

Diffеrеnt from thе Rеѕt of
Restaurants In Old San Juan

The very best restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico serves you with drink, food and provide an opportunity for people to hold wedding events, because we have banquet halls and other private facilities for weddings dinner, shows, meetings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, Christmas celebrations and more, Barrachina Restaurant facilities can accommodate very large groups up to 120 guests in one room.



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Flamenco Show

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In Old San Juan

Our crew runs Barrachina Restaurant so efficiently ensuring to our clients that they will get the best customer service experience in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.


Come to Barrachina Restaurant, a beautiful place in the beautiful city of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and get the best restaurant service you can ever dream of.